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Subway Simulator 3D PRO v1.0


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Description :

Train driving is a very exciting experience. And you have a chance to build a career of subway driver with Subway 3D: Underground Drivers!



Upgrade your driver and make an illustrious career;

Collect authority points and unlock more routes and subway trains;

Deliver as many passengers as possible to get more points;

Reach the highest rank and get the expanded routes map.




Choose a route and a train for driving ahead: you can drive up to 3 fast cars;

Open doors and close them at each station, using the "door" button;

Use the lever to speed up/slow down your heavy machine;

Track the number of passengers: deliver as many as you can to each train station;

Use camera view changer to see how many passengers there are in a car;

Use the microphone to make an announcement;

Follow driving rules for underground, obey the speed limit instructions;

Use the warning siren when necessary.


Subway 3D: Underground Drivers FEATURES:


Train driving simulator with several subway trains to choose;

Machinist career, from beginner to the professional driver;

Daily tasks with different useful bonuses and rewards;

Lots of untraveled roads and routes of underground;


Enjoy the Subway 3D: Underground Drivers app with its new trains, routes and possibilities!


GamePlay :


Info :

Requirements : Android 4.4 +

Size : 59 mb


More Info :







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