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Need some little help


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Hi everybody, i'm using an online translator because I can't read Russian but I think I manage in english, I can't access to all topics and forums. Do I need to be a V.I.P, or have written some more post ? Waiting for some help :)


EDIT: Sorry just read this :


Dear friends!To get access to Erotic forums (XXX video, magazines etc.) you must have at least 5 useful posts in other topics!


To get access to "XXX blog passwords" forum you must have 25 useful posts.

Please, visit other topics, comment them and closed forums became available for you!


Good luck!


Warning: Flooding is strictly forbidden!


If you want to make your own releases, please, contact forum Administration.

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You need to leave at least 5 sooscheny forum to gain access to "Erotica" and to gain access to passwords, at least 25 useful messages in the forum, like you have moved everything, or something else is unclear?
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